About Honingshop.nl

About Us
Do you know the feeling that you might want to go back in time to have access to authentic and artisanal honey, but that this unfortunately is not always around the corner? Welcome to honingshop.nl

Vision and mission
100% natural honey is hard to come by today. Most types of honey that you will find in the supermarket will not be 100% natural. This means that honey from the supermarket is often a mixture of different types of honey. Or even a simple sugar mixture. The origin of this honey is also often unclear and the range is limited.

Honingshop.nl therefore aims to bring different types of real honey within reach of everyone, regardless of their place of residence. By delivering it to your home. In the long term honingshop.nl also strives to ensure that real honey is not only available online, but that local supermarkets will also only sell real honey.

To guarantee the quality of our real honey, we work together with various recognized beekeepers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The real honey is manufactured and packaged with the greatest care, so that the taste and smell of the honey have an unlimited shelf life. A great deal of attention is also paid to the range. So that with the many different types of honey, there will always be a honey that you will like.

In short, 100% natural honey means honey in its purest form as nature intended and you can taste it!