Honey types

Different types of nectar

There are many different types of honey. You can find these differences in taste, color, thickness and nutritional value, among other things. These differences arise because honey bees can use many different types of nectar for honey production. There is a connection between the color and taste of honey. It is often the case that the darker the honey, the stronger the taste. So if you like a mild honey, then it’s best to go for the lightest possible honey.

Processing by the beekeeper

Differences in honey can also be caused by the beekeeper’s processing method. Often honey is so-called “cold hurled”. The honey is then thrown out of the combs with a honey garland and sieved, without heating it. This is also called raw honey. Large honey processors heat this honey to work faster. This honey has lost many of its naturally healthy ingredients and no longer crystallizes. Of course we do not sell this honey on Honingshop.nl.

Honey can also be stirred into a cream. As soon as the honey starts to crystallize, stirring several times daily for a few minutes, until the desired result is achieved. This does not apply to clover honey. This is naturally cream honey.