Our benefits

100% natural honey

At Honingshop.nl we only sell 100% natural honey. So no sugar mixtures or mixed honey whose origin is unclear. We connect you, as it were, with various beautiful beekeepers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany! Quality is always paramount and you can taste it!

Service always comes first

At Honingshop.nl it’s all about service. We deliver a high-quality product and offer you the corresponding service. Whether you have questions about a product, order or something else. We are always ready for you. Even if you are not a customer, we are happy to give you the information you are looking for!

Fast delivery

All orders placed today will be shipped the next day. This means almost always the day after tomorrow at home.

Secure ordering

Our brand new webshop meets the most recent safety requirements. That way you can place an order with confidence. We also respect your privacy. Your personal information will never be passed on to external parties. Just like you, we hate spam!