What is honey?

Origin of honey

It is the oldest sweet product in the world. It has been eaten for an estimated 150 million years! Honey is a natural product made by honey bees. These honey bees fly from flower to flower to swallow nectar. Nectar is converted, by the addition of enzymes and by the thickening by evaporation, to honey. The taste is determined by the type of nectar used by the bees.

Honey composition

On average, honey contains 38% fruit sugar, 31% grape sugar, 10% other sugars and 17% moisture. The remaining 4% consists of a multitude of valuable substances such as: enzymes, vitamins, acids, hormones, bacterial inhibitors, hydrogen peroxide, pollen grains and minerals. This composition makes honey a natural and organic product that offers applications for a healthy lifestyle.

Real honey

Unfortunately a lot of honey that can be found in supermarkets is not real. That is to say: often they are mixtures of different honey whose origin is not clear. Sometimes it is even sugar mixtures that resemble honey. If there are texts on the package such as “honey from non-EU and EU countries” or “mixed EC honey”, it is often not genuine or of very low quality.

The honey making process is very labor intensive. It takes a lot of time to make honey, which is why real honey can never be very cheap. A honeybee flies around 50,000 kilometers for one kilo of honey! You immediately taste the difference with the honey from the supermarket. The entire process of honey origination has also been established in an authentic way, which makes genuine honey very special. Alternative variants are less natural and do not offer the unique composition that consists of honey. Once you have tried real honey and you are guaranteed never to return.

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