Acaciahoning 400g


As the name suggests, acacia honey is made from nectar from the acacia plant. Acacia honey is just about the lightest honey there is. The light texture, which is caused by the high fructose concentration, ensures that it is almost completely transparent and also remains in a liquid state for a very long time. Acacia honey therefore hardly crystallizes.

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Health Benefits

A lot of health benefits are attributed to the use of acacia honey. This type of honey, for example, is known to contribute to the treatment of respiratory diseases. In addition, she can also relieve everyday conditions such as headache.

Studies from the past have also shown that the use has a positive effect for people who have kidney disease.
Also consider the fact that it has a calming effect. Nervousness and insomnia is opposed, you have enough good reasons to discover this special and very healthy honey.

How to use

Acacia honey is often used to provide drinks such as coffee and tea with some sweets. How about yogurt? A bit of acacia honey makes a deliciously sweet sour yogurt sweet. The homing can also be used as an investment on your sandwich.


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