Boekweithoning 400g

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Buckwheat honey distinguishes itself in various ways from the other, regular types of honey. This dark, aromatic honey may be very popular, but the taste is particularly strong, making it unsuitable for a large target group. As the name suggests, the origin of buckwheat honey can be found in buckwheat. This has a lot of similarities with grain which ensures that the syrupy honey goes very well with pancakes.

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Health Benefits

Buckwheat honey is known to have a significant amount of vitamin P. This is necessary for taking up vitamin C. Moreover, compared to other types of honey, buckwheat honey has 5.5 times more antioxidants. By using this honey you will always be able to count on several interesting health benefits. Not only does it have a beneficial effect on fatigue, it also prevents coughing and has a positive effect on the blood circulation in the veins. It could also help against hot flashes.

How to use?

Buckwheat honey can be used in various ways. Many people use this honey when preparing desserts. Especially in combination with pancakes, it is very tasty. Note, never put the honey in hot tea or milk. The enzymes in buckwheat honey are proteins that are known to be sensitive to high temperatures. Therefore do not heat the honey in the microwave, but preferably heat it in a water bath at 40 degrees.


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