Kastanjehoning 400g


Chestnut honey is honey made from the nectar from the flowers of the sweet chestnut tree. This honey is known to be one of the darkest on the market. The color can therefore vary from amber brown to almost black.
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Health Benefits

Chestnut honey is known to have the substance “acetylcholine”. This substance will sound familiar to many top athletes because it works well against fatigue. However, this is not the only thing that we can attribute to the use of chestnut honey. For example, it would also guarantee good blood circulation and ensure a stable heart rhythm. In addition, it helps to maintain blood pressure. All this makes chestnut honey a really healthy, tasty honey that has interesting properties for athletes in particular.

How to use

Chestnut honey is very popular in many countries, but probably nowhere like in Italy. For example, honey is used extensively by Italians in preparing their fall meals. In addition, it is also often used in combination with cheese. A little honey on Ricotta or Parmesan cheese, for example, guarantees the creation of a delicious dish. Moreover, chestnut honey is often used in sweet dishes such as pastries or cakes, but it can also be done on a toast or serve as a light sweetener for coffee or tea. Keep in mind that the temperature of the hot drink is between 40 and 45 degrees.


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