Eucalyptus honing 400g


Eucalyptus honey is honey that, as the name suggests, is made from nectar from the eucalyptus plant … although, we should actually say eucalyptus plants. There are in fact 500 different species. This fact ensures that the exact properties of eucalyptus honey may differ slightly. Overall, however, it has a somewhat caramel-like taste and is characterized by a naturally very recognizable odor.


Health Benefits

There are a lot of interesting health benefits due to the use of eucalyptus honey. For example, it is generally known that it has an anti-mucous effect. Moreover, she would have the option of relieving a sore throat and a cold. Finally, recent studies have also shown that eucalyptus honey has a positive influence on abdominal pain as well as intestinal complaints.

How to use eucalyptus honey?

Eucalyptus honey is a honey that is often used in drinks such as tea, coffee and milk. A teaspoon of this honey ensures that these drinks not only become much fresher, but also slightly sweet. However, to ensure that none of the beneficial properties of this honey are lost, the drink in question should not be warmer than 40 to 45 degrees. Many people nowadays also choose to use this honey in their salad dressings. What do you also think of the combination with a tasty, savory piece of cheese? It is all possible.


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