Bloemenhoning 400g


Flower honey is made with nectar from different flowers. It is the bees themselves who choose the flowers, which ensures that no flower honey is actually one hundred percent the same. The properties that flower honey has are not only influenced by the type of flower, but also by, for example, the season in which it is produced. Not only the taste, but also the odor as well as the color of flower honey can show significant differences. Overall, however, flower honey has a very accessible, deliciously sweet taste, which makes it very suitable for a large target group. For people who have never eaten honey before, flower honey is perhaps the most appropriate starter.
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Health Benefits

Flower honey is not only delicious, it is also very healthy. Flower honey is therefore (just like the other types of honey) very rich in both vitamins and minerals. In addition, studies from the past have repeatedly shown that this honey also has a beneficial effect on people suffering from asthma. It could also be used to combat various allergies.

How to use

Flower honey comes in various forms. We distinguish the liquid from the cream-like versions in this area. The cream-like variant is very suitable for use as a spread on a sandwich because of its easy spreadability. Both the liquid and creamy honey flowers can be used in various drinks. Think not only of coffee and tea, but also of warm milk. It can also be very tasty in combination with yogurt.


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