Heidehoning 400g


Heather honey, also known as the “king of honey”, is a dark honey with a very strong taste. This taste is often described as a combination of spicy and herbaceous. What is also immediately striking is the sturdy structure that it has. Heather honey is therefore so stiff that it does not come out when the pot is turned upside down. It has to be said that the strong taste that heather honey has means that not everyone will love it immediately.

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Health benefits of heather honey

Heather honey can have a number of interesting influences on human health. This honey is known to be particularly rich in vitamins and minerals. It would also have a favorable impact on diseases of both the kidneys and the bladder.

How to use

Despite its intense taste, this honey is often used as an additional sweetener in drinks such as coffee and tea. This does not mean that this honey is also very suitable to put on a brown sandwich. Because of the spicy aspects of heather honey, it also fits perfectly in combination with a block of cheese. By using this honey, a Greek yogurt or a vanilla ice cream can also be made even better than before.


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