Lavendelhoning 400g

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Lavender honey is made by bees with the nectar that they have been able to acquire from thousands of lavender flowers. Lavender honey distinguishes itself from other types of honey by its strong, fragrant aroma. Another feature of this honey can be found in the low moisture percentage. Lavender honey has a liquid, but rather thick texture. It also has a dark, golden color.

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Health Benefits

Lavender honey has a calming effect. This ensures that drinking a cup of tea with a little lavender honey after a stressful day at work can completely relax you. Are you one of the many people who deal with insomnia? Then try a cup of tea or warm milk before bed. A good night’s sleep is almost guaranteed in this way. Finally, it is also known to be very rich in minerals.

How to use

Lavender honey is known for having a slightly unusual but wonderfully sweet taste. People who want to give their tea or coffee an extra sweet taste would do well to use this honey. Moreover, lavender honey can also be used in combination with all kinds of dishes. Think of ice creams, but also for example a delicious leg of lamb.
A bit of this honey over your yogurt also works wonders.


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