Citroenhoning 400g


Lemon honey is honey made with the nectar of lemon plants. The light amber-colored honey is known for having a very fine blossom scent. Moreover, it is characterized by a fine crystallization and has an average strength. The slightly sour blossom taste knows how to create a very pleasant, fresh taste in the mouth.


Health benefits of lemon honey

Lemon honey is known to form a natural, preventive medicine against influenza. Moreover, just like the various other types of honey on the market, honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. This ensures that she can be a victory for the general health of your body.

How to use

The slightly sour blossom flavor that is so characteristic of lemon honey ensures that it is often used in combination with tea. By putting the honey in your tea you will be able to determine that it has an extra taste sensation. When you choose to add lemon honey to your tea it is important to take the temperature into account. It is recommended to add the honey to the tea when it has already cooled slightly. Don’t let your tea be hotter than about 40 degrees. Only in this way will you be able to experience the many health benefits in the most optimal way.


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