Lindehoning 400g

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Linden honey is a honey made from the nectar of the blossom of linden trees. The honey is characterized by a light, mint flavor which is described as very typical. The texture of the linden honey shows great similarities with that of the acacia honey. Both types of honey are therefore known to have a texture that remains fluid for a very long time.
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Health Benefits

After a stressful day at work, many people look for an opportunity to relax. The use of lime honey can certainly help with that. This type of honey, in combination with a cup of tea for example, not only provides a calming effect, but you will also be able to determine that it will also benefit your sleep. To be able to experience the optimal health benefits of lime honey, it is important not to put them in drinks that have a temperature of more than 45 degrees.

How to use?

Linden honey can be used in various ways. However, it is most often combined in drinks such as tea and coffee or warm milk. In particular, linden tea is often sweetened extra in practice by means of the honey of the same name. This honey therefore enhances the taste of linden tea, but that’s not all. Would you rather not combine the honey with a drink? Then you can always spread them on a sandwich or cracker!


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