Oranjebloesemhoning 400g


Orange blossom honey is made from the nectar of the Citrus Amara blossom. This ensures that this honey not only smells, but also tastes of the delicious citrus flower.


Health Benefits

The use of orange blossom honey can ensure that various, annoying ailments can be alleviated. For example, orange blossom honey would have a very beneficial effect on migraine. There are even people who claim to have been completely relieved of it. In addition, it has a relaxing effect which can positively influence your sleep.

How to use

You can choose to use this honey in various ways. The fruity aroma that this honey has, for example, ensures that it is a great filler for your sandwich. However, that is not all, because she can also add that little bit of extra sweetness to a somewhat sour yoghurt. Moreover, the orange blossom honey is also a very interesting addition to your tea. Drinking a cup of tea before bedtime with this honey ensures a good night’s rest.


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