Dennenhoning 400g


Pine honey is made from the nectar of pine trees. This honey has a liquid texture and is amber. Dennenhoning is known to have a very strong, somewhat woody taste. In addition, this honey is rich in minerals and has a very high vitamin content.

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Health Benefits

There are a lot of interesting health benefits associated with the use of pine honey. In the first instance, this type of honey is known for having a disinfecting effect. Moreover, pine honey is often used in cough syrup because it has proven relief from respiratory symptoms. Finally, it would also be good for the urinary tract and circulation.

How to use

Pine honey can be used in many different ways. This spicy honey can, for example, serve as an excellent spread for your sandwich. You have to take into account the intense, strong taste that she possesses. Do you want to be able to enjoy the interesting (health) benefits that are associated with this honey, but are you looking for a way to smooth off the particularly strong taste? In that case it can be recommended to use them in a yogurt.


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