Koolzaadhoning 400g

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Rapeseed honey is a beautiful, light-colored cream honey that is extracted from the yellow rapeseed flowers. These are sown to subsequently extract oil from the seed. Rapeseed honey is known to have a fairly neutral taste. Moreover, it naturally also has a high sugar content. It would also crystallize in the pot within the one-week period.


Health Benefits

The neutral taste that rapeseed honey has not only ensures that it is very accessible to a large target group, but it also has various health benefits. For example, this type of honey is known to be good for the respiratory tract, but it also has a moisture-wicking and strong cleaning function.

How to use

The texture that rapeseed honey has makes sure that it is sometimes referred to as ‘child honey’. This is because she will not run out of bread quickly. In practice, this honey is also frequently used in drinks such as tea and milk. Did you also know that rapeseed honey is also a very fine honey to make into a sauce? In this way she can help to make various of your dishes even tastier and also healthier!


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