Rozemarijnhoning 400g


Rosemary honey is a honey with a delicious, spicy taste. She also tastes delicious rosemary, but does this in a fairly neutral way. This means that the taste will never really dominate. This liquid honey has a somewhat darker color and is used in many countries to provide a wide variety of dishes with an extra, special taste sensation.
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Health Benefits

Rosemary honey was used in the distant past by various peoples from all over the world. However, honey is known to have been very popular with the Greeks. They believed that consuming this honey could stimulate the brain. Moreover, recent studies have shown that it can also help relieve headaches.

How to use

The spicy taste that can be achieved through the use of Rosemary honey ensures that it is excellent for use as a sandwich filler. However, that is not all. In many different countries it is decided to use this honey for the preparation of all kinds of meat dishes. The spicy, sweet taste provides an extra touch to the dishes in this case.


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